martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Diets that Work Quickly.

Some people want diets that work quickly, because they want to see results so fast. Here are some diets that allow that:

Muesli and Nut Diet
If consumed in the right proportion, this diet program can be a great way to lose weight. It's normally believed that nuts being high in calories are not good to reduce weight. However, they can be useful if you know the proper way to consume them. Nuts along with muesli, if taken for at least a week, would help you lose weight. How? Nuts, especially peanuts are rich in mono-saturated fatty acids, and it's this what keeps the heart healthy. Moreover, they are a rich source of vitamin E and protein, besides being a low glycemic index diet. Lower glycemic index means sugars are broken down slowly, thereby providing the body with continuous levels of energy. While taking your breakfast, you can go for a diet which consists of cereals like bran, barley and oats. If you don't like them, you can have bread, fruits, pasta and vegetables. These foods help to reduce your hunger, thereby allowing you to eat less and in the process reduce weight.

Juice Diets
Juice diets can be highly beneficial not only for losing weight, but also to detoxify your body. Juice diets include having a lot of fruit and vegetable juices, so that the amount of minerals and vitamins you take is high. If you cook vegetables, some of the natural properties are destroyed, and so it's recommended that you have them in the form of juices. 

If there is any special occasion coming up in your life in the next few weeks, and you want to lose belly fat, take up any one of the following diet plans. 

Macrobiotic Diet Plan
To maintain the body which you so badly desired, you need to have a plan wherein you consume healthy foods rather than those which are rich in harmful fats. You can follow a macrobiotic diet plan, wherein you consume more of vegetables (whether raw or boiled), whole grains, foods rich in protein (like legumes or fish), along with lots of fruits. While taking these foods, make sure that you have only organic foods, or else, the whole purpose of having these foods would be lost. Cheese, meat, sugar and alcohol are a big no in this plan. 

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  1. I found the fruit and vegetable juice entry really interesting, It's a good idea to have them in form of juice and not cooked, but I wouldn't like a brocoli juice!

  2. There are a variety of fruit/vegetable juice it isn't compulsory to drink the one of brocoli if you don't want, althout the brocoli juice provides you a lot of possitive efects.

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